Keep your hands clean – literally and figuratively

We created Nature Elixir with the idea that our Planet provides us with everything, that’s why we need to be more conscious about it.

*98% naturally derived ingredients, including water – the rest of the ingredients improve the good experience and performance, product safety and shelf life.

Experience the soft touch of Nature with the amazing Nature Elixir liquid soaps with packaging that makes recycling easy thanks to its removable sleeve. Simply remove the pump and peel off the sleeve!

Want to know more about the natural origin of Teo Nature Elixir?

See our ingredients here

Teo Nature Elixir
Liquid Soap

Pack with a pump that gives you the feeling that a piece of Nature is on your sink – at home or at the office. Choose between three aromas – fresh Avocado, energising Grapefruit or sweet Macadamia.

Be even more eco-friendly by using the pouch package. By using this refill package you use 76% less plastic compared to our pump package!

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