Teo Nature 2in1 & MEN 3in1 Shampoos

98% naturally derived ingredients (incl. water) – these ingredients, derived from plants and minerals, offer a wealth of benefits for health and beauty.
2% additional ingredients – they improve the good experience and performance, product safety and its stability during the shelf life.
Here you can find more information about the naturally derived ingredients of our shampoos.

Want to know more about the naturally derived ingredients of Teo Nature 2in1 & MEN 3in1 Shampoos?

Find out here

Teo Nature 2in1

Discover the power of nature in the new Teo Nature 2in1 shampoo. Choose the type that best fits your hair and enjoy healthier, shinier and stronger hair.

Teo MEN 3in1

Formula with Menthol or Charcoal. The ultimate care for your hair!

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